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Multinational label. Label Code: LC 0316 / LC 00316. Also appears as "RCA Records" or "RCA Record" (Australia/New Zealand). Consider adding RCA Victor as 2nd label if it also appears on the release. RCA is a record label that is used worldwide and currently owned by Sony Music Entertainment. The name RCA refers to the Radio Corporation Of America (RCA), a US electronic and communications company formed in 1919. In 1929, RCA acquired the Victor Talking Machine Company. The Victor Company had released records on the Victor and Victrola labels. The record division became known as RCA Victor until late 1968, when it became RCA Records. In 1985, RCA Records became part of RCA/Ariola International; At the end of that year, General Electric purchased the RCA Corporation; In 1986, GE sold the remainder of RCA Records to Bertelsmann (Ariola's owner) and formed the Bertelsmann Music Group (BMG). Since then, RCA Records has switched owners twice. First it became a label of Sony BMG Music Entertainment and currently is owned by Sony Music Entertainment. On September 26, 2011, Sony Music Entertainment reorganized the RCA Records group into its own label banner. Therefore, the labels under that group, Jive, Arista, LaFace and J Records, were all merged into RCA, bringing all of its artists from these aforementioned four imprints to the RCA family. Furthermore, reissues from Jive, Arista, J and LaFace by Sony will be handled by RCA as well. Note: Though Sony Music Entertainment owns the RCA label, it doesn't own the RCA trademarks. The RCA trademarks are owned by French company Technicolor S.A. and licensed to Sony Music Entertainment by RCA Trademark Management S.A. Also has a serie of Spanish releases called Serie Discoteca (2). When there is a 'RCA Editeur' mention (on 70's-80's French releases), please add RCA as Record Company. Colors on French EP labels: Black labels: 1955-December 1959 Yellow labels: October 1959-July 1962 - "Made in France by Area S.A." disappears from labels in January 1960 / "Super 45" appears at the bottom of EP labels, "45" at the bottom of single labels. - From Spring 1962, RCA Victor may appear next and/or above RCA. Black labels: May 1962-March 1963 Blue labels: April 1961-1968 (only used before for the series Série En Or) Orange labels (RCA Victor only): 1968+

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