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Sony Music

Sony Music

americká společnost působící v hudebním a zábavním průmyslu

Main label of Sony Music Entertainment. Use this entry for releases from between 1991 and 2005 and 2008 onwards that show the 'Sony Music' logo or releases in general which credit "Sony Music". Please note that the logo was different before 2005. Also please do not confuse with the Japanese SonyMusic. Releases from between 1991 and 2005 may also mention "Distribution: Sony Music". This entry can be used for those 'Distributed By' credits as well. For releases crediting "Sony Music Entertainment" for manufacturing, marketing and/or distribution, use Sony Music Entertainment. The "xx-xxxxxx-xx" format codes found on releases are not distribution codes and should not be arbitrarily assigned to Sony Music when listed as a distributor. Please add these codes as "Other" in the BaOI section with "Manufacturing code" as description. About Sony Music matrix/LCCN numbers: Some optical disc releases show the Sony Music logo in the disc matrix, with the following matrix pattern: Sony Music Sxxxxxxxxxx-yyzz BB CC, or Sony Music Sxxxxxxxxxx-yyzz BB DDD C - For CD releases, yy indicates the disc number (always 01 for single-disc releases; 02 and onwards are used for multi-disc releases), while zz indicates the number of discs in the release (again, always 01 for single-disc releases). DVDs do not seem to use the same numbering for the yyzz part however. - BB is a two digit number, usually between 11-25. The second digit is the same as the last digit of the mastering SID code (IFPI L55x). - CC is usually machine-stamped into the matrix ring, and is usually A1, A01, A00, B1, etc. - The following mould SID codes have been observed in these matrices: IFPI 94**, IFPI 1G**, IFPI T8** (often mistaken as 78**). Please be aware that Sony Music was not the name of a specific pressing plant; these glass masters are in fact manufactured by DADC Austria (1986-1999)/Sony DADC (2000-present). If crediting Sony Music from this CD matrix style, please do not use Glass Mastered At or Pressed By role; the generic Made By role would be most appropriate. When entering Sony Music matrix numbers into LCCN, ONLY the "Sxxxxxxxxxx-yyzz" part of the string should be entered. An example of how to correctly enter the Sony Music number is System Of A Down - Toxicity. Some CDs may show the name 'Sony Music' with the following matrix style: 'Sony Music 5xxxxxxx/[release cat#] XX' usually in conjunction with mould SID code IFPI 07**. These CDs are actually manufactured on behalf of Sony Music by Sonopress Arvato (2004-2008), Arvato Digital Services (2008-2011), or Arvato (2011-present). Sony Music should not be credited with Glass Mastered At or Pressed By on such CDs. Please credit the appropriate pressing plant based on the release date of the specific CD and use the generic "Made By" role for Sony Music. One example of this matrix style is Necrophobic - Mark Of The Necrogram. Specifically for Indian Releases, please note: where releases have "18: 12 inch Maxi-Single Vinyl" printed on rear cover, then please add: Format= LP Add in Notes= "18: 12 inch Maxi-Single Vinyl" printed on rear cover And, DO NOT use the Maxi-Single Tag for these releases.

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